Pt. Ramadhar J.Tiwari College of Polytechnic

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Admission Open 2024-25


The following committees are being constituted for the smooth and effective working of the institution activities.

Admission Cell              

  1. Shri Permatma Verma, Principal
  2. Shri Abhay Shukla, HOD, Mech, Co-ordinator
  3. Shri Krishna Kant Yadav, Asst Lect, Mech, Member
  4. Shri Amit Sharma, Workshop Asst., Member

Academic Committee.

  1. Shri S.P.Tiwari, HOD, Chemical Engg.
  2. Shri Abhay Shukla, HOD, Mech. Engg.
  3.  Shri Satish Srivastava, Lecturer, Maths

Anti Ragging/Internal Complaint/Discipline Committee.

  1. Shri Permatma Verma, Principal, Chief Pro.
  2. Shri Arun Chauhan, Lecturer, Electronics, Add. Pro.
  3. Shri Krishna Kumar Singh, Lecturer, Electrical, Add. Pro.
  4. Shri Umesh Yadav, Lecturer, App Chemistry, Add Pro.
  5. Shri Vinay Shukla, Instructor, Computer Sci. & Engg., Ad. Pro.

Cultural Committee.

  1. Shri Rudra Poot Pandey, Lecturer, PC- Co-ordinator
  2. Shri Vinay Kr Singh, Lecturer, Mech. Engg./WS-Member
  3. Smt Mamta Srivastava, Librarian- Member

Examination Committee

  1. Shri S.P. Tiwari, HOD, Chemical Engg.- Co-ordinator
  2. Shri Abhay Shukla, HOD, Mechanical
  3. Shri Amarjit Maurya, Lecturer, Ele. Engg.- Member
  4. Shri Nandu Dongre, WS I/c- Member
  5. 5. Shri R.P.Pandey, Lect PC- Member

Games & Sports Committee

  1. Shri Abhay Shukla, HOD Mechanical -Co-ordinator
  2. Shri Vijay Tripathi, Lecturer, Electrical- Member
  3. Shri Ashish Kumar, Lecturer, Civil – Member
  4. Shri Sudhir Pandey, Asst. Lecturer, Ele Engg.-Member
  5. Shri Vinay Kr Shukla, Instructor, Game/Incharge

Women Welfare Committee

  1. Shri Shailesh Kr Singh, HOD, Comp.Sc.- Co-ordinator
  2. Smt. Mamta Srivastava, Librarian-Member
  3. Shri Virendra Kumar, Lect., Mech.- Member

Accreditation Cell (N.B.A.)

  1. Shri Shailesh Kr Singh, HOD, Comp.Sci.- Co-ordinator
  2. Shri Abhay Shukla, HOD, Mech.- Member
  3. Shri Ashish Pandey, Lecturer Mech.- Member

Training & Placement Cell.

  1. Shri Abhay Kr Shukla, HOD, Mech., TPO
  2. Shri Subhash Chandra Mishra, Asst. TPO
The members of the committee are hereby directed that they will perform their duties effectively to achieve quality function of the committee if any member or in-charge of the committee feels any un-comfort with his assignment he can explain his problem to the undersigned for remedial action.