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The establishment of Late Smt. Ramraji Tiwari Industrial Training Institute was the realization of a dream of selflessness. An initiative of Rahul Education, the Institution aims to make young India well-educated and confident for creating easy access to higher education and the College strives for all-round development while ensuring a transition from studenthood to professionals ready to take on the world.

The objective of these courses is to help the students to start a small-scale business along with helping them to get jobs in the Private and Government sectors. The courses that the ITIs provide are called the “Trades” which focus on specific skill sets as per the requirement of the industry. These courses can range anywhere between being six months to two years long. The length of course duration depends on what kind of course it is and its nature. These courses are vocational training courses that exclusively impart essential skills for getting a job after class 10th or 12th.

A few years ago, vocational courses were thought to be for people who did not have the aptitude to study in a college and thus, needed skills in a particular field, to gain employment. This scenario, however, has completely changed today. These days, people have realized their importance and are opting for such courses, to gain skills related to a particular field so that their job prospects can improve.


We designed the program to provide the knowledge, skills, through which you stimulate your carrier in the field of your own choice.

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Plumber Engineering

The objective of this  courses was to give knowledge about installing, maintaining, and fixing minor repair works in the plumbing systems.

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Fitter engineering

The objective of this  courses was to assemble structural components using blueprints as your guide, to create a complete system.

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Electrician engineering

The objective of this  courses was  to impart knowledge , lighting and network controls in homes, factories, businesses and public spaces, ensuring electrical work done, is up to the code.

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Draughtsman engineering

The objective of this  courses was  to gain skills and knowledge from making sketches to blueprints for roads, buildings, bridges, etc., and develop robust CAD models.

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Late Smt. Ramraji Tiwari Industrial Training Institute

Late Smt. Ramraji Tiwari Industrial Training Institute is one of the most prestigious institutes, established in 2010 by Rahul Education, Bhayandar, Mumbai. The Institute is located on the banks of holy river Ganga. At a distance of 15 KM from Chandauli Railway station and approximately 20 KM from Cantt Railway station, the campus is spread across 20 acres of lush green land. The infrastructure itself has aesthetically built classrooms, well-equipped labs, office and a computer lab with up-to-date technological access. It also has a fully equipped conference room and a computerized library, together providing a conducive environment for academic growth.

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Qualified & Experienced Faculties

Our faculty members are experienced researchers who believe that teaching and research go hand-in-hand. Representing a wide array of backgrounds, the faculty offers you diverse perspectives that will enhance your understanding of the challenges you may face in your carrier well in advance, including ongoing collaborative exploration of the latest technologies.

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We use different learning methodology in training students, through which they can connect theory with practice and apply the knowledge and skills developed to real-life situations. Our faculty give the great opportunities to students to gain hands-on experience and be prepared for the real world. Creativity and logical thinking are enhanced through the use of interaction and self-discovery while learning.

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Our faculty provides the work experience that helps students to put their education into practice, develop their leadership skills and give them a competitive advantage as they pursue a permanent position in industry.

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