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Admission Open 2022-23

Principal Desk

Dr. L.B Tiwari Principal

The Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute welcomes you.

I am incredibly honoured and grateful to be the Principal of the Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute. Let me use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the management for allowing me to serve the community at this institute.

Our institute Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute, ensure that our students receive a high-quality education that inspires and encourages them to be lifelong learners and valuable members of society. At the Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute, education is more than just cramming facts into a child’s head. Our educational system is designed to meet the unique needs of each of our pupils.

All of our pupils should be able to reach their greatest potential. Our job is to make it happen, and our objective is to supply the necessary infrastructure.

Our institute ensures success for all our students by providing an enriching, child-centered, balanced, and organised curriculum, as well as a whole-school focus on student welfare that emphasises positive acknowledgement of student successes. Our teachers are highly trained and experienced educators who are dedicated to enhancing each student's learning experience by providing quality instruction and assistance that is tailored to their specific requirements. Teachers collaborate with students to provide differentiated support that addresses each student's unique academic and social requirements.

Personally, I believe that an education system that fosters a child's imagination is more valuable than one that does not. New ideas are born in the imagination, and development is made possible. "Imagination is more vital than knowledge," says the author, because knowledge is concerned with what we already know, but imagination is concerned with moving individuals and cultures ahead. "Imagination leads to new ideas." The Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute will undoubtedly value inventive and play-based practises.

The safety of our students is a top priority at Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute. The institute also starts programs that actively promote a safe and healthy lifestyle while also contributing effectively to environmental sustainability and conservation.

Parents are their children's first and most significant teachers, we believe. Parents have a critical part in their children's education. We cordially invite all of our parents to participate in their children's education and to be active participants in our school life. Get to know the personnel, particularly the child's teachers, and lend a hand where you can so that we can all work together for the greater good. I'm excited to work with our parent community to help them support their children's education. We work hard to foster good parent-teacher relationships, which are critical to our student's academic achievement.

I want parents to know that I am always available to talk about any concerns, questions, or ideas they may have about their child's education. I'd like to welcome you all to an excellent learning environment where everyone strives for greatness. With a caring and committed parent community, dedicated and highly skilled staff, outstanding resources and buildings, and the most fantastic pupils to work with, we genuinely have a good atmosphere. We are confident that with the assistance of all stakeholders and their ongoing support, we will be able to elevate our institute to the next level of greatness. Finally, we will continue to collaborate with you for the benefit of our cherished students and the greater community.

My promise to our community is to lead the institute with zeal and passion so that we can achieve our objectives. Let us join forces to make the Lallan R. Tiwari Teacher Training Institute the best it can be. We are excited to have you as a member of our thriving learning community.

"Allow excellent thoughts to come to us from all directions."