Management Team

Lallan R. Tiwari


Rahul Education, right from its inception in 1992, has been committed to delivering quality education aimed at the all-round development of the child. Over the years, we have evolved an integrated approach which ensures a right blend of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities with regular curricular content at the respective levels. As the Group expanded in terms of a number of schools and localities, due care was taken each time to consider the local needs and to ensure that good education is made available to the masses at an affordable cost. The overwhelming response of parents in Mira-Bhayandar, Nalasopara and Palghar confirmed that Rahul Education has stood up to the expectations and aspirations of the masses, a true reflection of our vision 'Education for all'. I believe that the sustainable progress of a nation can only be built on a strong foundation with good education. We, at Rahul Education, therefore, consider ourselves privileged and fortunate to have contributed to India's progress in our own little way over the past 27 years. We shall remain committed to serving our Motherland by educating young Indians to develop qualities of the intellect and inculcate values of the heart and soul.

Rahul L. Tiwari


As the phenomenon of Globalization and Privatization has set in the field of education, competition has become inevitable. As a result, local institutions face competition from national-level institutes which in turn compete with international ones. It has been proven time and again, both locally as well as globally, that the only way to succeed or rather survive in such a competitive environment is by way of delivering quality education. Driven by the desire to achieve excellence in imparting education over the past 27 years, we have understood the importance of monitoring and maintaining quality in all avenues of education management viz. academics, administration, infrastructure, and human resource development. This journey to excellence is never ending and we at Rahul Education are determined to tread the path, however difficult and treacherous, on and on.

Mrs. Krishna R. Tiwari

Joint Secretary

The foundation of subjects relevant to professional studies is truly laid in the two years post SSC period, referred to as +2 or HSC level, spent at the junior or intermediate college.

In today's competitive scenario it is imperative that the educational institutions offering higher education have to ensure that the students get an extra edge in this regard. It is here that the institutes play a vital role. In this perspective, the Rahul Education has taken care to offer the extra edge through various initiatives aimed at going beyond the textbooks.

"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. And we shape life."

Our latest endeavor, a luminous Centre of Learning, will provide opportunities for continuous education through distance learning mode, especially for students who have either missed the opportunity to pursue regular programs or for those who wish to acquire additional qualification while pursuing their career. We propose to offer various programs through National Open School and Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Dr. Shashi Bhushan Tiwari


“Knowledge is Power, and we make our students Powerful”. This dictum drives us to create a lasting impact on our future citizens. The institution is poised to provide impetus to fulfill student's aspirations to grow. We are dedicated to the process of building outstanding technological talent. We achieve our goals through a holistic approach that includes rigorous training in academics as well as practical exposure. The technocrats of tomorrow are moulded with value-based education. State-of-the-art infrastructure, a conducive learning environment, and advanced audiovisual teaching aids, help enhance the knowledge of students in our institution. This also helps create a high employability factor with a high order of professionalism. The institution, therefore, acts as an interface between 'Students' and their 'Bright Future'. We endeavour to provide a meaningful academic environment for students of all social classes by interactive theoretical and practical sessions by proficient faculties. Let's move towards higher professional values and together create a brighter future.

D.K. Srivastava


Pt. Ramadhar J. Tiwari College of Polytechnic, Mahuar Kalan, Chandauli, is committed to becoming a great identity in the field of diploma level institution of Eastern U.P. with a pool of highly committed and qualified faculty members. It will work as a catalyst in nurturing your ward's technological skills and help him become a successful engineer and gain experience in all spheres of life.


Principal D.K. Srivastva is a retired officer from the Technical Education Department of U.P. He has 35 years experience in various posts at various Government Polytechnic, Joint Director Technical Educational Office, and PPP cell in Office of Director Technical U.P. and in the Civil Aviation Department of Government.